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Dr. Sampath Srikanth, PhD, MBA, CEO. Over 10 years’ relevant experience in business development, product management and general management at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (IDXX).

Incorporated in 2008, DermDx has had its first prototype DDx instrument in clinical trials since 2009. The company was founded in Fresno California by Sampath Srikanth and Robert S. Hulsy, experienced medical device entrepreneurs and managers. DDx is poised to become the industry leader for ease of use, accuracy, range of lesions diagnosed and cost. 

Our mission is to revolutionize in-clinic diagnosis of skin cancer, 
greatly increasing speed and accuracy, improving the patient experience, and reducing cost.

​Our solution is a totally new approach for skin cancer diagnosis. Rather than depending on what the eye can see, The DDx senses specific biological and biochemical factors within suspect tissue that are indicative of disease. The DermDx solution offers greatly improved diagnostic accuracy. The DDx will save lives. Research shows that with this capability skin cancer deaths will be cut by more than half while the overall financial cost to the health care system will be dramatically reduced.

Using recently developed technology, skin cancer can be non-invasively diagnosed at an accuracy level approaching that of anatomical pathology (the gold standard of skin cancer diagnosis).

Using multi-modal spectroscopy, the company’s first product, the DDX, uses the “biological signature” of a cancer cell for diagnosing cancerous lesions. Traditionally, skin cancer is diagnosed by various approaches using the human eye.

In a small clinical trial run at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas to test the efficacy of our method, the DDx demonstrated very high sensitivities and specificities. The DDx diagnosed melanomas with sensitivity/specificity of 100/94.

The DDx will be useful in skin cancer screening settings such as the national screening programs in Germany and Canada. It can also be used for large multi-phasic exams such as for the US Army in induction physicals.

The DDx has a significant ability to cut medical system costs by reducing negative biopsies in the dermatology office as well. Lesions even smaller 2 mm diameter can be diagnosed allowing earlier identification of dangerous cancers.

With the DDX now in the prototype stage, DermDx, Inc. is seeking Series A financing to obtain regulatory approval and to staff up for launch in Europe
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Dr. Usha Nagavarapu, PhD, Founder and VP of Product Development. Over 10 years of experience in research, product development, marketing, and business development. Expertise in oncology including skin cancer and providing preclinical services to bio-pharma companies. Led Oncology programs at AGY Therapeutics, MMRI, and has post-doctoral training at Stanford Medical School in Dermatology. 
Dr. William Riggs, PhD, Founder and VP of Technical Operations. Founding CEO of River Diagnostics, a leader in in vivo optical analysis of biological tissue. Formerly held executive roles in technology development at DuPont and Perkin-Elmer. Held faculty positions at MIT and Georgia Tech in technology and innovation management.
Mr. Robert S. Hulsy, MBA, Founder and Chairman. Mr. Hulsy has extensive, highly relevant experience in diagnostic instrumentation, operations, and new product launch with Corning Abbot Laboratories, and American Environmental Network. He managed businesses with $240 million in revenue at IDEXX laboratories. In 2008, he founded Granite Point Group.
DDx is not yet approved for sale in Europe and US.